03 August 2009

Aug Schedule/八月のスケジュール

Hi Gaelers

Today, I finally feel summer. Bright sunshine and sound of a cicada. It is time for cold beer! Come over for a cold pint to refresh.


Important information 大切なお知らせ
☆No Open Mic Night on 5th.  
☆No live music on 7th, 14th and 28th Friday.We have on 21st!!
We are sorry for those who were looking forward to music stage and live.
It will be back in September.
☆Pub will be CLOSED on 17th and 18th
for the building maintenance. 
 パブのお休み  17日と18日
We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

However,,,, ですが、、、、
What we will have this month is,,,,  今月のお楽しみは、、、、
☆ Dance music nights on 7th, 14th and 28th Fridays.
 ダンスミュージック 7、14、28日 金曜日
Newest to old favorites dance music will be on parade.
Come over to enjoy rhythmical summer pub.
Also, また、
☆ Drak Skip on stage on 21st, Friday.
ドレックスキップ 生演奏ライブ 21日 金曜日
This young Japanese guys always surprise us with energetic and original sound. They create music based on Irish and Swedish traditional music. They are one of the hottest band. Do not miss this chance ! No cover charge. Music start 8:30 pm

この若き日本人バンドはエネルギッシュでオリジナルな音で毎回私たちを驚かせてくれます。是非この機会に聞いてみて下さい!チャージなし 演奏開始 8:30 pm