29 January 2011

Japan vs Austlaria

Asia Cup 2011 Final アジアカップ2011 決勝

Japan vs Austlaria  日本 対 オーストラリア

January 29th (Sat) from 24:00-

            1月29日(土) 深夜0時から

Dale Russ Returns !!

Dale Russ Returns !!
〜This is something you can't miss〜

We are pleased to announce that the Seattle's Best fiddler, Dale Russ, is coming back to the pub. He is a fantastic fiddle player, played as a member of Suffering Gaels, Setanta, etc. His performance is well known in the U.S and across Japan. Splendid melodies he creates is completed temperament and also elegant and modesty, softly comes to your heart. For those of you who haven't had the chance to see Dale play, take it from us, this is something you don't want to miss.
Date : Jan. 30th Sunday
Starts : 8:30 PM
No cover charge
(Really Special!)


日時:1月30日 日曜日
     午後 8:30 スタート

Dale Russ RETURNS! Superb Irish Fiddle Live January 30th, Sunday

We are pleased to announce that the Seattle’s Best fiddler, Dale Russ, is coming back to the pub for an unprecedented second, and in an audacious move, third show in a month. The man just can't get enough of the groovy audience and ambiance at The Gael. He will be ably supported by the ever-lovely JAY.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to see Dale play, take it from us it is pleasure you shouldn’t deny yourself. But don’t take our word for it take a look at the reviews.


09 January 2011

January shcedule

A Happy New Year !!!

Open from 4th

Jan 8th (sat) International Party

Jan 12th (wed) Open Mic Night♪

Jan 14th (fri) LIVE Irish traditional music♪

Jan 20th (thu) Gaeler's night (Ask staff for ditails)

Jan 21st (fri) LIVE by Drakskip LAST LIVE !!!!!

Jan 28th (fri) LIVE Irish traditional music♪