26 April 2010

 The world famous musician,

Hanz Araki

   ハンズ 荒木

 is coming back to The Gael Irish Pub !


Irish flute player Hanz Araki is the quintessential world music musician. He has performed around the world with the Juno Award-winning Paperboys, The Bridies, Casey Neill etc. He has featured on more than a dozen recordings and soundtracks, from feature films and documentaries to popular video games.This time, he will play with the fiddler, Kathryn Clain. Don’t miss it !

世界的に活躍するアイリッシュフルート奏者 ハンズ 荒木は、ジュノ賞受賞者のパイパーボーイズ、ザ・ブリディズやキャシー・ネイルなどと共演をし、サウンドトラックや映画、ドキュメンタリー、ビデオゲームなどの録音にも多く参加して来た実力家。今回はキャサリン・クレインとの共演で楽しませてくれます。皆さんのお越しをお待ちしております。

Look at his HP for more information(詳しくはHP参照)


  Date: May. 8th Sat

  Start 20:30

  No cover charge

   Reservation recommended

   Please call us for reservation. 075-525-0680

09 April 2010

Events in April

April 7th Open Mic Night 20'30-

April 9th LIVE Irish Music 20'30-

April 10th Quiz Night 19'00-
Entry 500 yen

April 16th LIVE Irish Music 20'30-

April 17th International Party 18'00-21'00
All you can drink for 3,000 yen
(2,500 yen for members)

April 23rd LIVE Irish Music 20'30-

April 25th Special LIVE
Shakuhachi& Piano Contemporary music by Tsukumo
check below for more information about the band

※ No Music on 30th Friday

02 April 2010

Tsukumo 月萌 LIVE

Shakuhachi & Piano
April 25th Sun 20:00~

Tsukumo is the unit of Piano and Japanese instrument such as Shakuhachi and Shinobue (traditional flut). Tukumo has been expressing original music world through their nobility artistic style.


山口 整萌 -Seimo Yamaguchi-

Seimo Yamaguchi started playing a guitar when he was student and after the career of DJ, flew to New York. In New York, he realized the value of Japan to himself. After he came back to Japan, he opened the door of Japanese traditional music. Few years later, he learned Shakuhach flute and Shinobue flute, then he received the name of Seimo. In September 2008, he created the Japanese and western music collaboration unit, Tsukumo, and he has been actively working as a musician to tell the value of “Wa”, Japanese soul.
小山 剛 -Tsuyoshi Koyama-

Tsuyoshi Koyama started playing piano by self teaching since 1995, and actively working as a Jazz or Chanson pianist. Recently, he has been a pianist for Tsukumo with his theme “Piano that plays ‘Wa’, Japanese soul”. Also, Tsuyoshi is extending his talent to compose and arrange music.