25 February 2012

The Gael Irish Pub 8th Anniversary Party ゲールアイリッシュパブ8周年記念パーティー The Gael Irish Pub 8th Anniversary Party ゲールアイリッシュパブ8周年記念パーティー

The Gael Irish Pub 8th Anniversary Party

Feb 25th Sat From 20:00 (It's tonight!!)
2月25日 土曜日 午後8時から (今晩ですよ!)

Kirin Beer & Jameson Highball only only  450 yen !!!
キリン一番搾り &  ジェムソン ハイボール  450円 !!!  

We appreciate for supporting The Gael Irish Pub for 8 years! 

To show our appreciation to your daily patronage, we would like to offer special deal for drinks

,also gifts for everyone !, a game to win the special gift !! maybe, something more,,,,

Let's have a fun night together ♪ Cheers to The Gael, Cheers to You !
楽しい夜を一緒に過ごしましょう♪The Gael に乾杯, 皆様に乾杯! 

waiting for you,,,

15 February 2012

Raggae night

It's on This Weekend! Feb 18th from 23:00 !!! Don't miss it !!

01 February 2012

Events in Feb 二月のイベント

1st(Wed) 20:30- Open Mic Night  オープンマイクナイト  
   Every 1st Wednesday of the month is Open Mic night! Open stage for anybody.           
 Let's play music, dance, sing ,,,show your hidden talent !

4th (Sat) 20:00- Noriko's Farewell Party 

To cheer for Noriko, her new start, we are holding a big big farewell party. Let’s toast for Noriko! Looking forward to seeing you all !  

5th (Sun) 20:30- LIVE by Genta & Kunugi   

11th (Sat)  19:00- 
LIVE by Horio Kazutaka
Amazing Acostic guitarist from Yokosuka is coming to The Gael. You sould come to listen to his powerful and sofisticated music!  And , a special guest will perform before Mr Horie. So Cute!!

12th Gael's Girl's night ★ ゲールの女子会
        Please contact us if you are interested in.

14th (Tue) Vallentaine's Day バレンタイン
       Giving chocolate ? Getting chocolate ? 
                Be covered in love to feel Valantine's day at The Gael !
チョコあげる? チョコもらう?ゲールのバレンタインでも愛に包まれよう♪

16th (Thu) 21:00-   LIVE by Slinky Tips 
     Soul, R&B, Jazz,,,,etc They are the entertainer! sweet singer, Yaname, crazy amazing guter player, Koko,
     smooth bass player, Nukki will entertain you with great music. You should come this day!

18th (Sat)23:00- 
 LIVE by Iza Blue and Hi-N- Tenzion

You can not miss this chance to enjoy the greatest Reggae band in Kansai
come and have fun with us! 
関西圏で大活躍中のレゲエバンド が皆さんの夜を盛り上げます。みんな集合!!
No cover Charge

23rd (Thu) Sheena
 ♪ Live by Sheena  by シーナ  
      Sheena is amazing!  They play mixture of Irish, European,,, music.
   Look at their HP: http://sheena-net.com/

25th (Sat) 
Gael's Birthday ! 8th Anniversary Party!!!

We hugely appreciate for all your love and supports that have been essential for us to grow up until today.
Thank you very much!
With our appreciation, we love to offer a great fun night together. 


26th(Sun) 18:00-21:00 International Party 国際交流パーティー
 All you can drink for 3 hours !!! 3,000yen at the door (2,500yen for Whynot!? member)
    みんなでワイワイ交流しましょッ♪ 三時間飲み放題!!チャージ 3,000円 (whynot!?メンバーなら2,500円)