03 April 2012

April Events 4月のイベント

4th (Wed) 20:30- 
Open Mic Night オープンマイクナイト(自由参加型ステージ)
  It's a chance to show off your hidden talent ! 

6th (Fri) 20:30- 
Live♪Irish Traditional Music アイルランド伝統音楽

7th (Sat) 20:00-
 Happy Birthday Dave & Atsuko デイブ&あつこのお誕生日会 
     We are holding our lovely regular customer/ friends, Dave and Atsuko's birthday party. Come     to toast for their new year ! You might see famous JIZO as you know,,,.

12th (Thu) 20:00-
Gael's Girl's Night ゲール's 女子会
 the detail comes later. if you want to join us, please mail us.

14th (Sat) 21:00- 
Live♪ Reggae party by Iza Blue hi-N-tenzion 
  The great Reggae band in Kansai!! You can't miss it
15th (Sun) 18:00-21:00
 International Party 国際交流パーティー 
     All you can drink international party!! 飲み放題パーティー
     3,000 yen at the door. (for members, 2,500yen) 

19th (Thu) 21:00-
 Live♪ Jazz, Blues,, by Slinky Tips スリンキーチップス
    on vocal: Yaname, on guitar: Coco, on base: Nucky
    They will entertain your fun night!

26th (Thu) 20:30-
 Live♪ Irish music by Sheena シーナ
    Very energetic tune ! Interesting original and traditional mixture!

28th (Sat) 21:00-23:00
 Closed for 2 hours for a private party. Sorry for any inconvenience.

29th (Sun) 20:30-
Live♪ Irish music by Kunugi & Genta 功刀&元太
Fantastic music! on guitar Genta, on fiddle: Kunugi.