05 June 2011

Jun Events 六月のイベント

Jun 1st (Wed) Open Mic 20:30-

   Open Mic night Let's play music, dance,,,,
   show your hidden talent !

Jun 2nd (Thu) Slinky Tips 21:00-

   Live by Slinky Tips
   Soul, R&B, Jazz,,,,etc They are the entertainer!
   If you want to hear the great voice or want to laugh,
   you should come this day!
   ライブ♪ by スリンキーティップス

Jun 10th (Fri) Ian farewell Party 20:30-
      Gael's staff Ian's farewell party. He has worked at the Gael for a short time. But a big part of our community. We love to hold his farewell party at The Gael.  Please come over to toast for new start of his life.


Jun 11th (Sat) Quiz Night

     Quiz master, Graham, is back in town! It has been quite while since the last quiz night. Graham is going to rock the quiz ! You can not miss this chance to have beers and fun together.
    500 yen to entree. 
    You can get special discounted drinks. Prizes for winning team.

Jun 17th (Fri) Traditional Irish Music 20:30-

   Traditional Irish Music by Shamrock ?
   伝統的アイルランド音楽 by シャムロック

Jun 18th (Sat)Wataru's farewell Party 20:00-

     You must be surprised ! I know, Wataru, is the regular face the Gael, looking after your food orders and looking at you behind the bar. Wataru just became 22 year- old. Now he has decided to open the new door in his long life. Yes, he is graduating The Gael. Thank you very much, Wataru. We love to hold his farewell party with full of heart. Please, Please join us to cheer him for new start.



Jun 19th (Sun) International Party 18:00-21:00

   International Party
   All you can drink for 3 hours !!!
   3,000yen at the door (2,500yen for Whynot!? member)
   国際交流パーティー みんなでワイワイ交流しましょッ♪
   チャージ 3,000円 (whinot!?メンバーなら2,500円

Jun 22nd (Wed) Pub night  20:30-22:30

   Pub Night!! It's the day for Gael's fans to have lots of fun.
    Please join us!
   I will come back with details later.
   復活!パブ ナイト♪ 

Jun 23rd (Thu) Sheena Live by Sheena (Irish modern music)
     Sheena is amazing!
   They play mixture of Irish, European,,, music.
   You can not miss their music night♪
   Look at their HP:

   ライブ by シーナ(アイリッシュオリジナル現代音楽)

   この夜を見逃すな! HPは、http://sheena-net.com/

Jun 27th (Mon) Girl's Talk Night

   Gael's Girl's Night
   If you want to join us please ask staff.
   Girl's talk is So much fun!