25 March 2010

Elie's Farwell Party エリー送別会のお知らせ March. 27th. Sat. 20:00 start 3月 27日(土曜 )午後八時から

Elie has been a part of the Gael since last spring. He is loved by all the staff and cusomers, but it is now time to take a new road in his life. Please celebrate his new start with us!

Elie's Bingo Game starts 20:00
午後八時から エリー’sビンゴ大会

Elie's favorite cocktails will be special priced

★ Malibu Coke
   マリブーコーク       500 yen
★ Monaco (beer with grenadine)
  モナコ(ビールとグレナデン)  600 yen

09 March 2010

Important Notice 重要なお知らせ

We will be closed from 19'30-21'30 on 13th Saturday for the private party. Sorry for inconvenience.


St Patrick's Day Party

March 17th Wed

St. Patrick's day is coming soon! A good news for everyone who has been waited for this special day for a year. We will have a big big party with happy hour priced guiness beer. Let's celebrate St Patrick's Day with a lot of fun. Wear green outfit !!


Guinness 650 yen for all day
ギネスが一晩中 650円