18 March 2006

Dale Russ RETURNS! Superb Irish Fiddle Live, March 24

We are pleased to announce that the Seattle’s Best, Dale Russ, is coming back to the pub for an unprecendented third show in a month. The man just can't get enough of the groovy audience and ambiance at TIP. He will be ably supported by the ever lovely JAY, and GENTA of Butterdogs fame.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to see Dale play, take it from us it is pleasure you shouldn’t deny yourself. But don’t take our word for it take a look at the reviews.

GARDEN OF BUTTERFLIES is an awesomely good recording of Irish traditional music from a San Francisco trio who go by the quirky name of Jody's Heaven. Heavenly indeed. The sound created by Dale Russ's fiddle, Jack Gilder's concertina and flute and Junji Shirota's guitar and bouzouki is angelically beautiful. Garden of Butterflies is also solidly and tastefully traditional. No bass and drums, no "new age" noodling, no speed-burning showoffery -- just honest Irish music the way it ought to be played.
-Don Meade, Irish Voice

Russ has a fine ear for the details of a tune and his interplay with the concertina and flute of Jack Gilder is a delight to hear. Gilder and Russ trade the melodic duties often within the medleys so the overall sound never gets monotonous. Dale Russ, Jack Gilder are fine musicians, but when they play together they sometimes play more than music, they play magic.
- Michael Simmons, Fiddler Magazine

No theatrics, just solid, clean fiddle embellishments, warm tone and listenable, danceable tempos.
- Lou Alcorn, Victory Music Review

...plays with precision, fluidity and grace...Is one with the music he creates.
- Lisa Fusch, Victory Music Review

Mr. Russ is well-known as the shining jewel of Northwest fiddle players.
- Jams O'Donnell, Victory Music Review

...Dale is one of the most important players in America today.
- Dan Collins, Shanachie Records

Dale Russ is at the top of his field.
- Peter McCracken , Folk Arts Director, CENTRUM