22 April 2007


On the 31st of March we had our first Quiz Night, organized by those saucy girls at whynotjapan.com, and a great success it was too. The only problem being the ratio of 3 girls to every boy, great for the lads that came, but a senseless waste of spare talent-if you know what I mean, squire?
The quiz is in English and Japanese, but don't worry, the orgnizers will make up the teams for you, so there is always a Japanese member. The next one will be on April 28th between 19:00 and 22:00, and will be a more streamlined and action packed affair. To enter the quiz costs ¥1,500 per person with teams up to 4 people. The minimum first prize is ¥10,000 and a bottle of bubbly, second prize is two bottles of wine, third prize is, amazingly, ONE bottle of wine.

So get those thinking caps on and show us your brains, baby!

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Chris said...

PLEASE! Do another quiz night in the future... my wife and I would really enjoy it!!