02 June 2008

EURO 2008

4年に一度ヨーロッパでは民族の大移動がおこる! 開催国はフットボールジャンキーであふれかえる!
今年はどんなドラマが待っているのか! 楽しみでしかたありませんね(*^_^*)
迫力ある大型スクリーンでのスポーツ観戦!!! これを見逃すわけにはいきませんね!!!

クリスチャーノロナウド、バラック、トニ、リベリ、大舞台にかえってきたオランダ! 見どころ満載のEURO2008! サッカーの祭典をみんなで盛り上げていきましょう!

Hi, Gaelers !

The rainy season has started,,,,raining raining raining everyday. Dark skies and continuous rain is depressing, but it is essential for harvest and forest. HOWEVER, there is SOMETHING that allows you to forget about the darkness, which is "EURO 2008"!! If you are crazy fan of football, you have to get together and cheer your team and friends team. Even if you are not interested in football YET, this is the chance to join the crowd and go crazy ! Lets have fun all together and drink all the night and morning ! You can not miss this. Schedule is below. Come on over !

Sat 7  Grp A Switzerland vs Czech Republic 25:00
     Grp A Portugal vs Turkey 27:45 
Sun 8 Grp B Austria vs Croatia 25:00
     Grp B Germany vs Poland 27:45
Mon 9 Grp C Romania vs France 25:00
Grp C Netherlands vs Italy 27:45
Tues 10 Grp D Spain vs Russia 25:00
Wed 11 Grp A Czech Republic vs Portugal 25:00
Thur12 Grp B Croatia vs Germany 25:00
Fri 13 Grp C Italy vs Romania 25:00
Grp C Netherlands vs France 27:45
Sat 14 Grp D Sweden vs Spain 25:00
Sun 15 Grp A Switzerland vs Portugal 27:45
Tues17 Grp C France vs Italy 27:45
Wed 18 Grp D Greece vs Spain 27:45

Thur19 QF Winner Grp A vs Runner-up Grp B 27:45 #1

Fri 20 QF Winner Grp B vs Runner-up Grp A 27:45 #2
Sat 21 QF Winner Grp C vs Runner-up Grp D 27:45 #3
Sun 22 QF Winner Grp D vs Runner-up Grp C 27:45 #4

Wed 25 SF Winner #1 vs Winner #2 27:45 #5
Thur26 SF Winner #3 vs Winner #4 27:45 #6

Sun 29 F Winner #5 vs Winner #6 27:45

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