25 March 2013

April Events 4月のイベント

3rd (Wed) 20:30- Open Mic. Night オープンマイクナイト♪  
Open Mic night! Open stage for anybody.     Let's play music, dance, sing ,,,show your hidden talent !
自由参加のオープンステージです♪楽器演奏、ダンス、、、、何でもあり! 秘めた才能を披露してみませんか?
6th (Sat) Shiori's Farewell Party 志織ちゃん送別会
   For further details see the posters

21th (Sun) 18:00- International Party 国際交流パーティー
All you can drink for 3 hours !!! 3,000yen at the door (2,500yen for Whynot!? member)
ワイワイ交流しましょッ♪ 三時間飲み放題!!チャージ 3,000円 (whynot!?メンバーなら2,500円)
Ohanami-Party お花見
We are planning to have ohanami-party.
For further details including date&time will be posted later

Traditional Irish Music 
 5,12,19,26 (Friday)
Live Irish music(no charge)


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