28 April 2013

May Events 5月のイベント
1st (Wed) 20:30- Open Mic. Night オープンマイクナイト♪  
Open Mic night! Open stage for anybody.     Let's play music, dance, sing ,,,show your hidden talent !
自由参加のオープンステージです♪楽器演奏、ダンス、、、、何でもあり! 秘めた才能を披露してみませんか?
12th (San) 12:00~ Picnic on the riverbank 川原でピクニック
   Bring Your Own style picnic. further details will be noticed soon.

19th (Sun) 18:00- International Party 国際交流パーティー
All you can drink for 3 hours !!! 3,000yen at the door (2,500yen for Whynot!? member)
ワイワイ交流しましょッ♪ 三時間飲み放題!!チャージ 3,000円 (whynot!?メンバーなら2,500円)
26th (Sun) 12:00~18:00 Books 4 books “Bring and Buy”
Please come along and donate any unwanted books you might have and be prepared to buy some of the many books that will be on offer.
We will serve special 1,000Yen Lunch.

Traditional Irish Music 
 10,17,24,31 (Friday)
Live Irish music(no charge)


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